We are a team that wholeheartedly believes in the benefits of the next generation remote working model for humanity.

We are working hard to accelerate the transition to flexible working life and we are designing and developing minimalist, sustainable, easy-to-use products and services to support remote working life.

Accordingly, Our First Service is
the Poda Working Booth.

Poda Working Booth is a 1.4-square-meter workspace designed to work in public places, in privacy.

Poda Working Booth offers you a clean, air-conditioned and quiet workspace with a Poda internet connection at a speed of 4.5 G, a desk, a chair, and an electrical power outlet. The booths are sterilized after every use with UV-C technology and the air inside the booths is constantly sterilized, providing the user with a hygienic working environment.

One of the most important features of the PODA Working Booth is their locations.

We believe that the Poda Workspace should be located in locations that are easily accessible to users who need an area where they can work freely.

As the manufacturers of Poda, our vision of working culture is to provide employees an opportunity to work freely in social environments without concentration problems, rather than isolating them.

The goal is



By the end of 2022, we will locate 1,000 Poda’s in Turkey and other countries.

In the long term, we aim to provide services with 100,000 units of Poda worldwide.

Within the scope of our new work culture vision, one of our plans for the near future is to cooperate with companies that believe in remote and flexible work culture. Hand in hand with HR departments, we will design the necessary working environment for company employees and freelancers. Thus, companies will be able to purchase bulk hours for Poda Working Booth’s and allocate them to their employees according to their necessities.

We plan to locate Poda Working Booth in cafes, shopping malls and co-working areas, while also installing Poda in important streets, parks, metro stations, bus stations, museums and large office buildings.